Loan Calculators

Home Affordability Calculator

What is your budget for buying a home?

This tool allows you to determine how much your budget is for your dream home and how much you can spend for it on a monthly basis.

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Rent or Buy Calculator

Will it be more beneficial for you to continue renting or should you work on purchasing your own home?

This calculator compares the benefits of renting versus buying a home.

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Mortgage Payment Calculator

How much will you pay for your monthly mortgage payment?

With this tool, you can determine how much your monthly mortgage payment is based on several variables such as interest rate, loan term, and loan amount.

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Mortgage Loan Comparison Calculator

Which company should you go with?

Use our comparison calculator to see which loan scenario is more beneficial for your needs.

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Cash-Out Refinance vs. Home Equity Loan Calculator

Is a cash-out refinance or applying for a new home equity loan more advantageous?

Use this tool to figure out whether you will get more from a home equity loan or from refinancing your current mortgage to a cash-out.

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Refinance Calculator

Is it possible to save some money from refinancing your current loan/mortgage?

Refinancing your mortgage might seem beneficial, but if you choose to do it for the short term, it might prove disadvantageous. One crucial thing to think about is how long you will stay at your current residence: you will need to consider if the monthly savings are greater than the cost of refinancing itself.

If you are also unsure as to how long you would need to keep your current home to cover the cost of refinancing, this tool will help.

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Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) Payment Calculator

How much will your monthly payment be for your ARM?

Easily discover how much your monthly ARM payment is.

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Home Equity Calculator

What is the maximum amount you can get if you take cash from your home’s equity?

Find out how much of a home equity loan you can qualify for based on your home’s equity with this tool.

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Home Equity Line of Credit Calculator

Based on your line of credit, how much will your payment be?

With this tool, you can discover how much your monthly payment will be based on your line of credit. A friendly reminder: specify your desired line of credit and not your credit limit.

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Loan Consolidation Calculator

Will it be beneficial for you to consolidate your loans?

This tool will assist you in finding how much your payment is if you consolidate your debts into one loan by refinancing your mortgage to a lower interest rate.

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Mortgage Points Calculator

Will paying mortgage discount points upfront help you save some dollars?

By using this calculator, you will know if paying mortgage point(s) upfront is beneficial or not based on your circumstances. Remember though, this calculator is created for fixed-rate mortgage scenarios only.

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