“As soon as I put down an offer for our new home, mortgage rates started sky rocketing. I saw that RateWinner, being a company with very nice reviews online, was very consistent Read full testimonial…


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Peter Hung

“As with all the reviews that I’ve read from this site, many make mention of how great a job that Jeff has done for them. The comment that I want to make is I am TOTALLY in agreement with everyone’s praise for him. Recently, I refinanced my mortgage with Ratewinner and Jeff was the person who handled me. Through the whole process, he was very professional and “hand held” me through the entire process. He was always available to answer any questions that I had. He is very dedicated and works to meet the best of my interests. I work late and often read his emails late after work. He was always available to respond to my questions late at night or early the following morning. Unlike other lenders where they are pushy to get you to close, I did not experience this with Ratewinner. I know I will definitely recommend Ratewinner/Jeff to my friends and family. GREAT JOB JEFF! Thanks for getting me the best rate and shaving my mortgage a few years.”

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