“As with all the reviews that I’ve read from this site, many make mention of how great a job that Jeff has done for them. The comment that I want to make is I am TOTALLY in Read full testimonial…


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Sandip Dhummad

“As soon as I put down an offer for our new home, mortgage rates started sky rocketing. I saw that RateWinner, being a company with very nice reviews online, was very consistent in providing low mortgage rates so I decided to start working with them. Of course I was reached out by so many other companies but I felt none of them were as good as Jeff in providing right advice. I told Jeff my target rate and he kept an eye on my market and gave me very mature advice time to time. Once we locked the rate, I had to pass through a lot of turbulence during the mortgage approval process, and they did guide me very nicely to pass through all of those hurdles. People working with this company are very co-operative and always ready to go the extra mile to help their customers. I would definitely recommend them to my friends.”

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