“Being a first time homebuyer, I shopped around to make sure I got the best rates. I came across Ratewinner from an internet site and was very pleased with the services they

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This calculator helps you determine your monthly payments for a mortgage loan.

Are Retirees Having A Hard Time with Financing?

Once employment earnings cease, retirees tend to take a decently sized drop in their incomes. Social security benefits, for example, are but a small percentage of what retirees once made, while pensions are hardly heard of anymore.

The difference, however, is that retirees could potentially have hundreds of thousands of dollars stored away in their IRAs, 401(k)s, personal savings accounts, or other sources. Yet these same people sitting on substantial nest eggs are often shot down when they try to get a new mortgage or refinance their current ones. The reason? They just don’t have a high enough monthly income. read more

Is 100% Financing the Way to Go? It All Depends…

What is 100% Financing?

Getting a home loan with 100% financing is exactly what it sounds like. You do not have to make a down payment on your home, but instead receive the full purchase price of the home in way of a mortgage. This full amount is reflective in your loan payments, which will be significantly larger than were you to put a 20% or more down payment.

Those who have heard of these loans often wonder whether they are the right way to go. Keeping more of your own money while still purchasing a house sounds like an extremely good idea. Then again, if you speak with those who have obtained these types of loans you will hear just as many (if not more) people tell you that a fully financed loan is a terrible idea. read more

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