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Why NJ Might Have Mortgage-Related Opportunities Very Soon

New Jersey leads the United States in foreclosures. In fact, as of June 2016, just under 1% of the state’s entire housing was in foreclosure. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like things are getting better. New data shows that 65,000 people in the state are behind on their mortgage payments, making these properties “distressed”. State officials are considering ways to help people who have fallen behind, which may create opportunities in the very near future.

New Jersey vs. the National Average read more

New Jersey Helping Out Homeowners in a Big Way

New Jersey leads the nation in foreclosure rates and significantly late mortgage payments, and it has for the last several consecutive years. The Garden State is still feeling the effects of the housing crisis, and people there struggle to catch up (or stay caught up) on payments. Fortunately, thanks to federal and state funding, there are some helpful options for homeowners who are facing tough times.

The HomeKeeper Program

Although New Jersey isn’t the only state in the country still reeling from the housing crisis, it is one of the best states in the country for obtaining financial help for keeping your home in certain circumstances. The state’s HomeKeeper program is open to anyone who is facing financial hardship like divorce, death in the family, significant injury or illness, underemployment, or unemployment. This program is designed to help cover monthly mortgage payments – at least partially – to help New Jersey residents keep their homes. read more

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