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You’ll want to Make Sure You Have These 5 Things Secure before Purchasing a Home

Before Purchasing Home

If you think you are ready to purchase a home for your family, it can be difficult to resist the urge to make an offer on the first property you see. However, there are a few important things that you will need to have on hand before filling out the mortgage paperwork.

The Best Possible Credit Score

Although you may qualify to buy a home if your credit score is lurking between the 580 and 600 ranges, you will be paying the highest interest rates in the industry if you take this route. As a result, it is recommended that your credit score be no less than about 640 if you want to secure better interest and lending rates possible. However, to get the absolute best rates in the industry, your credit score will need to be 700 or above. read more

Thinking about Purchasing a New Home in the Spring? Start Putting your Wish List Together Now

Purchasing a Home

With interest rates being as low as they are at the moment, more and more people are considering the option of purchasing a home instead of continuing to rent at higher prices. Although the process of buying a house can leave you feeling giddy with excitement, it is imperative that you put your wish list together before considering putting any offers in.

Research Neighborhoods that you want to live in

Before purchasing a home – even in what seems to be a desirable neighborhood – it is essential to conduct intensive research. In most cases, issues such as poor or non-existent public transport routes, a lack of decent amenities, low quality schools and crime levels may only present themselves after you have moved in, and by then, you may find it close to impossible to sell up and relocate again. If a realtor gives evasive answers or seems non-committal when asked about the above mentioned issues, it will be best to purchase in a different neighborhood. read more

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