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With Interest Rates on the Rise Now is the Time to Buy or Refinance

Now could be a good time for some mortgage holders to refinance their loans. Unfortunately, that opportunity might soon slip away.

In fact, borrowers taking out new loans right now are still paying more than they would at this time last year. BUT if you can save even one percent on your mortgage rate it would be worth refinancing. Why? Rates are only going to keep going up.

How Much Can You Really Save?

New home buyers will definitely want to jump on a mortgage before the rates rise anymore, but what about those looking to refinance? How much can you actually save by refinancing right now? read more

How Do You Know If It is a Good Time to Refinance?

While a constantly fluctuating economy is rarely beneficial, it does every great once in a while offer a time where it is good to refinance your current mortgage. You might have heard of someone else refinancing and getting a great deal, but keep in mind that each person has a different situation. Sometimes what worked great for one person is not such a great idea for another. So how do you know when it is an appropriate time to refinance? Check out our useful tips below.

  • Pull out your mortgage and look over them with a fine-tooth comb. Check the interest rate, special terms, and any other pertinent information – such as if it is adjustable or fixed rate, and if adjustable, when does it transfer to a fixed rate term.
  • read more

    Smart Ways to use Your Cash out Refinance

    A cash-out refinance means you replace your home loan with a new one of larger amounts. You are then able to receive a cash payment for the difference in loans, which can be used for anything you wish.

    The way this works is that by paying off your loan in previous years, you have created something called ‘home equity.’ This term refers to the amount of your homes value versus the amount left on your loan. For example, if you purchased a home valued at $200,000, and you currently owe your lending institution $125,000, then you have an estimated $75,000 in home equity. read more

    Why It’s Smart to Refinance Your Mortgage

    While there are tens of thousands of Americans across the country deciding whether it’s smart to buy a home, there are probably twice that many who could benefit from refinancing. Since mid-November, mortgage rates have been on the increase, which means the time to do so may be running out. Here are some of the reasons why you should think about refinancing now.

    Why Do Homeowners Refinance?

    If there’s one reason why homeowners refinance, it’s because they have an opportunity to get a lower interest rate. No only will their monthly payments go down – and sometimes significantly – but they will also pay less interest over the lifetimes of their mortgages, which may equal tens of thousands of dollars in savings. In fact, it’s estimated that the average homeowners could save themselves about $3000 by refinancing their mortgages right now. Even though interest rates are starting to climb, they’re still lower than most existing mortgages. read more

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